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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are departure and arrival times guarateed?

Departure and arrival times are the responsibility of the bus operator and are not guaranteed by Kupi. The coach providers are generally punctual.

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are processed by individual bus operators according to each operator's policies. Please contact the relevant bus company.

Do I need any documents when travelling across borders?

Be sure to bring a valid passport and all the correct paperwork (including necessary visas if required, and proof of Yellow Fever Injections if required). Speak to your local travel clinic for professional medical advice.

What happens if I miss my bus?

Unfortunately, bus tickets cannot be refunded, cancelled or altered if the operator is only notified after the bus departure. Be sure to book the correct bus tickets and always be early for your bus.

What are the luggage limits?

Luggage limits depend on each operator's policies. Generally, each ticketed passenger is allowed to take two pieces of luggage, free of charge and at their own risk. Each item of luggage should not exceed 80 cm x 60 cm x 30 cm in size and be of a total mass not exceeding 20 kg for local South African routes, and 30 kg for cross-border routes. Please refer to your chosen Operator’s luggage policy to ensure there are no complications.

What if I have extra luggage?

Each operator has different policies. Generally, operators charge passengers per extra kilogram. Whether excess luggage is allowed is at the discretion of the operator and operators may refuse to accommodate extra luggage. Check with your operator.

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